Joe Delia.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 ·

Software and web developer with over five years of proven experience in object-oriented and full-stack programming, as well as developing websites and applications from the ground up. Currently, I am available for remote positions, and contract jobs.

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Baseball Systems Developer

Cincinnati Reds | Cincinnati, OH

I am the project owner and primary developer for the Reds Player Development tracking system, built using C# WPF for the application, and .NET 5 for the accompanying API. I work under the VP of Technology, and closely with the Player Development department heads to consistently release completely tested features used by a userbase of over 100 Reds employees, including C-Suite executives.

Some of the major features of the Player Development application include a complete organizational roster management system for handling demotions, promotions, injury and suspension updates, and rehab status. There are also daily reporting tools, which allow for tracking rehab updates, strength and conditioning goals, general and specialized player evaluations, and discussions held between staff and players. In addition, it features a completely generic form builder that allows users to create department-specific forms without needing an application update.

As games are completed during the season, they are available within minutes inside the application for our coaches to fill out reports in. This even applies to unofficial scrimmages and batting practices. All observations made throughout the application for any player is recorded and easily accessible through the Player Profile, where users can view the complete history of the player as their development progresses.

I also build and maintain a fully functional REST API, which provides the application with data updates, and serves as a middleman between the application and external data sources provided through MLB, and others. It also provides access points for integration with other Reds applications and analytics jobs.

February 2019 - Present

Senior Web Developer

The Gary Stock Company | Brewster, NY

As a part of the Dealer-Site development team, I help to maintain and improve car dealership websites across the United States and Canada, including luxury brands such as Porsche, Jaguar and Land Rover, Bentley and McLaren. I work with a small development team to constantly provide new features within a specialized CMS custom built for car dealerships, and pull reports for internal use using MySQL.

Among the larger projects I have been trusted with, I upgraded the payment system used by Porsche North America's racing site, built a system to allow for vehicle search results to be displayed directly inside of special offers, and greatly expanded customizable javascript implementation, specifically within individual vehicle postings. I also specialize in third party API implementation (such as the successful "Porsche Live" installation on Porsche Centre Oakville), Americans with Disabilities Act web compliance, and large-scale buy online functionality which handles the process of purchasing vehicles online.

March 2017 - January 2019

Software Engineer

CompuDat Systems Inc. | New Paltz, NY

While intimately working with the MemberTrack development team, which provided a full customized suite of software tools for labor unions across the tri-state area, I designed and implemented database migration and transformation methods to reformat unwieldy existing client data into a standardized form using the Delphi and Python programming languages. I was also tasked with properly handling security for sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, and payment processing. We handled version control through Subversion.

February 2016 - February 2017

Technical Director

TravelSee | Remote

I designed in PHP, and then later ported the website to a Node.js based platform. I utilized asynchronous JavaScript and PHP to set-up simple client-to-administrator contact, and wrote always-on data-mining software using the Twitter API in PHP and JavaScript. As the director, I lead a small development team of Cornell students and recent graduates on projects based on feedback from case study clients.

June 2015 - January 2017

Web Director

VIC Radio | Ithaca, NY

Online-only college radio station at Ithaca College, which saw over a 200% increase in listenership under my supervision through improvements made to the the quality and availability of station streams. I was in charge of maintaining the streaming server to avoid crashes and downtime, and I rebuilt the entire backend architecture through extensive use of PHP and MySQL.

January 2014 - May 2015

Teaching Assistant

Ithaca College | Ithaca, NY

Discrete Structures in Computer Science, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

I would attend daily classes, answer student questions, and grade student assignments. I also held TA sessions twice a week at night for students looking for extra help. On occasion, I would teach lessons in the event that the professor could not attend class.

January 2014 - December 2014


Ithaca College

Computer Science, B.A.

Mathematics Minor
Graduation Date: May 17th, 2015


  • "Square Fractals and Space-fillingness" - James J. Whalen Academic Symposium | April 2013
  • "ChemCAT: Developing a Chemical Inventory System" - James J. Whalen Academic Symposium | April 2015
  • Emcee at Ithaca College Television and Radio Annual Award Ceremony | April 2015
  • "ICED: Ithaca College Enrollment Data Visualization" - Senior Project | May 2015


Programming Languages & Tools

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Development Practices
  • Strong object-oriented programming principles
  • Strong database administration skills
  • Ability to quickly learn new languages
  • Extensive experience with data mining & API implementation
  • Atlassian suite of software development tools

Personal Projects

Space-filling Geometric Fractals

A python program designed to draw out square and hexagonal shaped fractals using variable numbers of iterations and scaling ratios to achieve different results. This expanded project was initially the basis of my 2013 James J. Whalen Symposium presentation "Square Fractals and Space-fillingness" where I researched the parameters necessary to build fractals that filled out the entirety of a given space. Nowadays, I just like to watch the program draw the fractals. This remains one of my favorite programs that I've written.

Baseball Research Tools

I have written various tools in PHP and Python based around a Baseball-Reference scraping system I built in PHP that I use for personal real world, and fantasy baseball research. I store data pulled from Baseball-Reference in a local database to visualize hot and cold streaks, find trends among the league, and look for undervalued players I can use to my benefit in a fantasy sense.

I have built a suite of tools around this data that can calculate out advanced statistics for players and teams, which I use to create my own player rankings.

Twitter Scraping Tools

Using the Twitter API, I have built various Twitter scrapers that serve different roles. I have a proof of concept design for a system to breakdown the location data of all tweets that contain a provided term. I also have built a more generalized tweet scraper which will find and record all tweets with a specified search term. Using a cron job, I can have had this run constantly while still avoiding being throttled by Twitter's API.


Shufflr is a primitive command line music player built in java that utilizes asynchronous processing to build and play songs. It takes in a directory path and creates a playlist with all of the MP3s in the directory tree, and then plays them in a shuffled order.


I have spent my entire life inside the confines of baseball stadiums. I've been a season ticket holder to a local minor league team since their inaugural season in 1994, and have closely followed the sport for as long as I can remember. In an ideal world, I would be a professional baseball player myself, but unfortunately I was never particularly athletic. Despite my lack of athleticism, I am a very good bowler. I have a 207 average, and have been bowling competitively for over half my life.

I am also an avid consumer of nerd culture. I'm always there to see a new Marvel or Star Wars movie on the Thursday night premier, and can debate for hours on whether Disney made a good decision to remove all of the Star Wars expanded universe from canon. I love to see non-blockbuster as well, and am always looking for new music to listen to.